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Gynecologist in Chennai | Kelambakkam

Obstetrics and gynaecology are medical specialities that emphasise on the care of women during pregnancy and childbirth and in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases related to the female reproductive organs. It also focuses on other women’s health issues, such as hormone problems, birth control, menopause and infertility.

Our obstetrics and gynaecology group who are considered to be the best in Chennai gives top quality consideration that is customized to each individual patient needs. Our group includes gynaecologists, nurture birthing assistants, nutritionists and well-being teachers. We work with one another and try to satisfy our patient’s goals. For women and infants who need exceptional attention, we offer constant care by our best obstetricians who are one of the best in Chennai. Our hospital also incorporates the private leading birth centre and a women’s well-being asset focus.

Benefits of seeing a female gynaecologist

A female gynaecologist understands

There is no doubt that there are a number of experienced and highly knowledgeable male gynaecologists working in women’s healthcare nowadays but still, a lot of women prefer female gynaecologists for concerns regarding their health or treatment because they regard that they understand a woman’s point of view better.

Another woman can make a patient feel at ease and safe

Women generally tend to feel more comfortable talking about personal concerns like reproductive and sexual issues with women who are also a friend. Patients have previously reported feeling anxious when they discuss pelvic pain, blood, painful sexual intercourse with male doctors. it is extremely important for the patient to feel at ease and secure in communicating their concerns in order to get a precise diagnosis.

Female gynaecologists are the best choice

Although there are exceptional male gynaecologists to choose from the advantages of choosing a female gynaecologist is apparent to many women. They recognize that they feel comfortable while examined by a female gynaecologist and it is also easier to explain the symptoms that they are experiencing.

The benefits of private gynaecologist

Improvements in waiting time

If you are worried about your well-being it is not ideal to wait and schedule an appointment. In the NHS it is quite necessary to get an appointment with your general physician to visit a gynaecologist which might take a few weeks. But seeing an individual gynaecologist will allow you to see an approved doctor at your convenient time. This is beneficial to those who require a gynaecologist immediately and are unable to wait for the usual process.

Specializations and care of highest quality:

When you’re referred by the public health sector you might not have the choice of choosing your gynaecologist. That’s fine in some instances but it is not something everyone feels comfortable with. However, choosing an individual healthcare facility the patient can communicate with his handpicked gynaecologist who has years of experience in this domain. Additionally, many clinics have experts who are specialized in treating issues like dyskaryosis and endometriosis as well as vaginal atrophy.

Quick test results

Sometimes laboratory tests are needed for a proper diagnosis. If you go to a lab for public health it could take a few weeks before you can receive your test results. To lessen the waiting time visiting private gynaecologists gives you the chance to receive the results in the shortest frame of time.

Video consultations

Due to the busy schedule that each one of us has many are not able to attend the traditional appointments. Private gynaecology clinics have begun initial video consultations that enable patients to discuss their issues in a speedy manner to solve their problems.

Best Gynecology Hospital in Chennai | Padur

Supreme hospital is the best hospital for obstetrics and gynaecology as our experienced consultants perform necessary lab tests and formulate treatment plans based on each individual needs. Our hospital is the best hospital obstetrics and gynaecology in Chennai thanks to its ultramodern facilities which enables our doctors to remove the root cause of concern so that the issue doesn’t recur in the immediate future.

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