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Orthopedic Hospitals in Chennai | Padur

Orthopaedics is a clinical forte that focuses on the care of the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system consists of the clutter of the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and skin. The patient will be referred to an orthopaedist when you face issues in the above areas when they visit supreme hospitals.

The job of the orthopaedist

Orthopaedists are physicians who correct functional abnormalities of the bones in our body with surgery, casting and bracing. Supreme hospital orthopaedists who are one of the best in Chennai have high expertise in treating conditions including breaks and disengagements, torn tendons, sprains, pulled muscles, bursitis cracked circles, sciatica, low back torment, pigeon toes, bunions, joint pain, bone tumours, solid dystrophy, development irregularities and cerebral paralysis. Our orthopaedist usually fills in as specialists to different doctors for better patient care.

What are Fractures?

A fracture is usually a break or a crack in a bone. If the broken bone damages the skin it is known as open fracture whereas in closed fracture the skin will remain intact. Sometimes fracture occurs due to low bone density as well.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Deformity and swelling around the fracture
  • Pain or finding it hard to move an area
  • A limb may look twisted or bent
  • Signs of shock, particularly with thigh or hip bone fracture

  • What to do

  • If it happens to be an open fracture, cover the wound with a sterile dressing cloth. Apply pressure around in order to stop any bleeding and then secure the dressing with a bandage
  • Advise the casualty not to move so that the injured part remains still
  • Place padding around the injury for extra support

  • When to See a Doctor?

  • If a skin rash appears in the cast
  • If the cast gets either tight or loose
  • In case of increased pain or swelling
  • If your fingers feel cold or turn blue
  • If the cast gets wet

  • Prevention of Fracture

  • Undergo bone tests to check if the patient suffers from osteoporosis which is especially mandatory for women aged over 65 post menopause
  • Regular exercise
  • Undergo periodic medical check-ups to know the risk factors

  • Children
  • Maintain a safe playground as injuries at the playground are quite common
  • Monitor the children especially around the staircase

  • Back pain

    Back pain is very common and most of us experience the pain at least once in our lifetime. A range of factors has a cumulative effect on the spine on which can range from your job to the mattress which you sleep. The unnecessary amount of stress from lifting weights in the gym and lack of sleep can also lead to back pain. Lower back pain is one of the main issues why a patient visits an osteopath at our supreme hospitals

    Common causes

    The most common causes are mechanical in nature. Some of the common mechanical and non-mechanical causes are

    Most common
  • Muscle strain: When a muscle is stretched beyond a limit it can tear. Muscle sprain is usually a cause of fatigue.
  • Ligament sprain: Ligaments are supporting tissues around the joint region and a sprain happens when it is overstretched. Sometimes tear may occur and it is known as ligament rupture.
  • Facet joint dysfunction: The spinal column comprises 33 spinal vertebrae which are all connected together by facet joints. Through injury, trauma or poor posture these joints can be affected and cause severe pain on their own or within vertebral disks
  • Spondylolisthesis: If one of the vertebrae in the lower back moves out of its normal position which causes instability within the spine.

  • Less common causes
  • Infection: Spinal infection is extremely rare but it can cause unbearable pain and be life-threatening if left untreated.
  • Tumor: Tumor in the spine region are not common but if they happen to appear they usually start somewhere else and has metastasized to the spine
  • Autoimmune Issues: Back pain is a common symptom for people suffering from autoimmune issues

  • Diagnosis of back pain

    In order for accurate diagnosis, your practitioner may ask a few questions like

  • When was the onset of pain
  • What is the nature of pain
  • History of injury
  • Have you experienced any other symptoms
  • During your assessment, it may be beneficial for your practitioner to perform a few tests to come to an accurate conclusion. Some of the tests are

  • X-ray imaging: It is used to check if any disruption in the alignment of the bones
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): This is done to show up any abnormalities within the soft tissues
  • Electromyography (EMG): This is done to access the electrical activity of muscles. It can detect if the weakness in a muscle is a result of poor nerve conduction
  • Bone scan: To detect the bone density

  • Best Orthopedic Doctor in Chennai | Kelambakkam

    Orthopaedic surgery:

    At the supreme hospital, our orthopaedic surgery department is considered to best in Chennai and have high expertise in treating problems of the skeletal system in both adults as well as children. With specific attention given to children, our paediatric surgeons are the second to none which makes supreme hospital as the best orthopaedics hospital in Chennai.

    Our orthopaedic doctors have experience in an array of issues including dislocations, bone and muscle deformities, cysts and tumors. Our paediatric orthopaedics surgery includes the treatments of cerebral palsy, septic arthritis and hereditary motor-sensory neuropathy.

    Development dysplasia of the hip (DDH) is a dislocation that may be present in newly born until they turn one. It means that the femur (thigh bone) does not fit into the pelvic socket. Foot deformities are also treated at our hospital like flat feet and club feet. Overgrowth disorders, brittle bone diseases are also treated at supreme hospital

    For axis deformities, corrections can be performed here at our hospital while epiphysiodesis fuses the plate of one leg to allow the shorter leg to catch to the other leg in length as the child is growing.

    Medicines for orthopaedics

    Recent mechanical advances have greatly benefitted orthopaedic patients, for example, joint substitution and arthroscopy allows doctors to peer inside a joint.

    When the patients visit the supreme hospital for orthopaedics your visit will usually begin with a specialist consultation followed by a physical assessment. This might be followed with laboratory diagnosis like x-ray which you will not leave the premises as we have all the laboratory facilities inside the hospitals itself making us the supreme hospital as the best hospital in Chennai. When your test results arrive your orthopaedist will decide the most appropriate treatment plan for you so that you can carry on with your regular functioning life.